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RMC200 Motion Controllers

NEW! RMC200 Lite: Up to 18 Axes

RMC200 Lite

18 Axes of Control
Provides all the same control features as the RMC200 Standard, with up to 18 axes of control, and supports up to 40 reference inputs.

Compact, Powerful and Economical
Integrated CPU and power supply module, with dedicated base modules, provide a more compact footprint, lower power dissipation, and lower price point.

Interchangeable I/O Modules
All the I/O modules are interchangeable between the new Lite and the Standard RMC200. The power supply modules and backplanes are not interchangeable.

Uses RMCTools
The Lite uses the familiar RMCTools software, just like the RMC200 Standard, the RMC150 and the RMC75.

UPDATED! RMC200 Standard: Up to 50 Axes


50 Axes of Control
Provides up to 50 axes of control, and supports up to 104 reference inputs.

Powerful, Fast Control
Powerful motion commands and programming, with loop times down to 125μs.

Interchangeable I/O Modules
All the I/O modules are interchangeable between the RMC200 Lite and Standard. The power supply modules and backplanes are not interchangeable.

Uses RMCTools
The RMC200 Standard uses the familiar RMCTools software, just like the RMC200 Lite, the RMC150 and the RMC75.

Special Features

The RMC200 supports all of the most important features of the RMC70 and RMC150. Special features include:

  • Feature Key

    The removable and field-upgradable Feature Key token in the CPU module specifies the number of customer-ordered control loops.

  • Analog Resolution

    Analog resolution increased to 18 bits for both inputs and outputs.

  • Control Loop Times

    Lower control loop times, down to 125 μsec

  • Correction factor

    Negative correction factor for load cells

  • Feedback filters

    More feedback filter types

For more special features, see Comparing Controllers


The RMC200 is available in Lite and Standard configurations. The RMC200 Lite uses special base modules, a CPU with integrated power supply, and shares all other modules with the standard RMC200.


LiteI/O Slots
StandardI/O Slots

Power Supply

Power supply is integrated into the CPU
StandardDescriptionFits Bases
PS4D24Vdc-input, 35 WattB5, B7, B11
PS6D24Vdc-input, 50 WattB15


LiteDescriptionFits Bases
CPU20LUp to 18 axes, with integrated 24Vdc-input, 28 Watt power supply, USB, dual Ethernet ports, display screen, 2 discrete inputs, 2 discrete outputsB5L, B7L
StandardDescriptionFits Bases
CPU40Up to 50 axes, with USB, dual Ethernet ports, display screen, 2 discrete inputs, 2 discrete outputsB5, B7, B11, B15
    Each CPU requires a Feature Key with the desired number of control loops.

I/O Modules

  • A8: Eight Analog Inputs, supporting ±10 V or 4-20mA
  • S8: Eight SSI or MDT inputs, supporting Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) or Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducer (MDT) with Start/Stop or PWM signals. Supports one quadrature input.
  • Q4: Four quadrature encoder inputs, supporting RS-422, HTL, or TTL, with home and registration inputs
  • CA4: Four analog outputs, supporting ±10 V, 4-20 mA, or ±20 mA, with 4 fault inputs and 4 enable outputs
  • CV8: Eight analog outputs, supporting ±10 V only, with 8 individually configurable discrete I/O
  • D24: 24 Discrete I/O, configurable, 4 fixed high speed inputs for 2 quadrature encoder inputs or 2 pulse counter inputs
  • U14: Four analog inputs, two analog outputs, four discrete I/O, and two high-speed channels


Easy integration with your favorite PLCs, operator interfaces, and PCs.

Communication Protocols

Ethernet – 100 Mbps
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus/TCP
  • CSP (Allen-Bradley)
  • FINS (Omron)
  • Procedure Exist (Mitsubishi)
  • ... and more
RMCTools Communication
  • Ethernet
  • USB – High-speed USB 2.0 port (480 Mbps)

RMCLink ActiveX and .Net Assembly
Use RMCLink to communication with any RMC motion controllers from your custom program.

Transducer Connectivity

  • SSI (Serial Synchronous Interface)
  • Start/Stop and PWM (Magnetostrictive)
  • Analog ±10V and 4-20mA
  • Quadrature Encoder

RMCTools Software

Easy-to-use wizards, excellent graphing, complete troubleshooting.

Handles setup, programming, tuning, and diagnostics for the RMC70, RMC150, and RMC200


Cables for the RMC200 I/O modules are available for purchase from Delta. These pigtail cables provide a compact, convenient option for RMC modules and are designed for short distances between the RMC200 and terminal blocks within the same cabinet.

See RMC200 Cables.