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Delta RMC Motion Controllers

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The Delta RMC motion controller family provides best-in-class industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed-loop control for up to 50 axes.

Seamlessly transition between position, velocity, and pressure/force control, and program, tune, and diagnose using Delta's powerful RMCTools software.

RMCTools Programming

Control 1 to 50 axes with one software package, Delta’s highly capable and easy-to-use RMCTools.

RMC75E RMC75: 1-2 axes
High performance for smaller applications

Compare Controllers
RMC150E RMC150: 2-8 axes
Highly configurable for a wide variety of mid-size applications
RMC200 RMC200: Up to 50 axes
Delta's newest and most capable controller for larger applications

RMCWin Programming

Fully supported and readily available but not recommended for new designs, the RMC100 is configurable to control up to 8 axes. The RMC100 is programmed using Delta's RMCWin software.

RMC100 RMC100: 2-8 axes
Highly configurable for a wide variety of mid-size applications

Legacy Software Programming

MMC120 Legacy Motion Controllers:
Delta is committed to providing support for its legacy controllers, all of which are still available for sale.



Voltage-to-Current Converters

For connecting from the ± 10V output on the RMC motion controllers to valves requiring current input.

Photo of a VC2124
  • VC2124
    2-channel, 24 VDC powered, ±10V input.
    Output ranges selectable from ±10mA to ±100mA in 10mA steps.
  • VC2100, VC2100-HS
    2-channel, ±15 VDC powered, ±10V input.
    Output ranges selectable from ±10mA to ±100mA in 10mA steps.

Signal Converters

Specialized converters for use with RMC motion controllers.

Cables and Connectors


Custom cables and replacement connectors for RMC motion controllers.


View the training schedules to see dates and register for a class.

Specialty Products

SNT Small

Step and Touch Instrument

Continuously monitors step and touch voltage caused by ground potential rise.

The Delta Advantage

When you buy Delta products, you receive much more than a great product in a package.

  • Performance: An unsurpassed combination of engineering theory and application know-how leads to innovative products that deliver high performance.
  • Adaptability: A focus on implementing industrial standards means that we meet your requirements instead of asking you to change.
  • Ease-of-use: A dedication to the pursuit of products that are easy and intuitive to use, and very quick to apply and get running.
  • Service: We strive to be the industry leaders in responsive support and training, before, during, and after the sale of new and legacy products.
  • Lasting Value: We provide quality, reliability and long-term availability. Delta's policy is to avoid obsoleting products as long as there is demand for them.