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Area Hotels

Delta Recommendations

The Heathman Lodge
Recommended by Delta
7801 NE Greenwood Drive
Vancouver, WA
+1-360-254-3100 - (888) 475-3100
A unique locally-owned hotel. Special rate of $122 for a Deluxe Guestroom or $137 for a Business Level room. Both are single or double occupancy and includes high speed internet access.

Mention Delta Computer Systems when making your reservation.
11 miles from Delta Airport Shuttle Available - Click for Details
Staybridge Suites
Recommended by Delta
7301 NE 41st
Vancouver, WA
+1-360-891-8282 - (888) 988-8100
"Be Comfortable"
Come to our house and enjoy our hot breakfast buffet, high speed internet,
Sundowner reception... it's all included!
Delta Computer Systems gets a VIP rate of $119 for a studio room, $129 for 1-Bedroom, and $174 for 2-Bedroom
12 miles from Delta

Battle Ground Area

Best Western Plus Battle Ground Inn & Suites
1419 W Main Street
Battle Ground, WA

Mention Delta for 20% discount
3 miles from Delta
Website | Map

Vancouver Area

10-15 miles from Delta

Holiday Inn Express
13101 NE 27th Avenue
Vancouver, WA
10 miles from Delta

Holiday Inn Express
7205 NE 41st St.
Vancouver, WA
11 miles from Delta

Hampton Inn & Suites
315 SE Olympia Dr.
Vancouver, WA
13 miles from Delta

SpringHill Suites
1421 SE Tech Center Drive
Vancouver, WA
15 miles from Delta

Portland Airport Area

15-20 miles from Delta

Shilo Inn
11707 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR
+1-503-252-7500 - (800) 222-2244

Embassy Suites
7900 NE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR
+1-503-460-3000 - (800) 821-5879

Courtyard By Marriot
11550 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR
+1-503-252-3200 - (800) 321-2211

11518 NE Glenwiding Dr
Portland, OR

Hilton Garden
12048 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR

Hampton Inn
8633 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR
+1-503-288-2423 - +1-800-426-7866

8235 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR
+1-503-281-2500 - +1-800-808-9497

Fairfield Inn
11929 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR
+1-503-253-1400 - +1-800-228-2800