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Self-paced Training

Online, at your own pace

  1. View Training Videos – anytime at no charge
    The Training Videos are designed to teach you the basics of the RMC75, RMC150, and RMC200 motion controllers. Requires contact information only.
  2. Connect to a remote RMC for exercises
    Schedule one week of time on a remote RMC at Delta, and receive a training exercises packet to use together with the videos. See availability and pricing below.
    A Delta instructor will assist you in connecting to a remote computer on which you will run RMCTools software and connect to an RMC motion controller. You will have access to the remote motion controller from Monday 12:00 noon to Sunday 12:00 Midnight (Pacific Time, UTC-8), and can contact the Delta instructor during that time if you need assistance.

Training Videos

To view the training videos, you will be asked (only once) for basic contact information.

videoView Videos

Sign Up for Self-Paced Training

Sign up to reserve time on a remote RMC, and to receive exercises for use with the self-paced videos. To just view the videos, you do not need to sign up.

  1. Check the Availability Calendar to find an available week that works for you. Each week is from Monday 12:00 noon to Sunday 12:00 Midnight (Pacific Time, UTC-8).
  2. Register to sign up for self-paced training and provide credit card payment.

Price: $149 for one week

Self-Paced Training Details

Exercises Packet

The exercises packet includes the following exercises:

Connection to Remote RMC

You will remotely connect to a computer located at Delta. A Delta trainer will assist you in setting up the connection. You will have access for one week, beginning on Monday.

The remote computer is pre-loaded with the RMCTools software. An RMC75E motion controller is connected to the computer via USB. If you need to learn the RMC150, don’t worry–learning on the RMC75 is virtually the same as RMC150.

If you encounter problems during the self-paced training, you may contact the Delta instructor during for assistance.

A high-speed internet connection is required.