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Online RMCs

Communicate with an RMC over the Internet - Now!

Delta provides several RMCs that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the Internet. All you need is a PC and an internet connection!

Use the online RMCs to:

Available RMCs

The following RMCs are available online:

Part No: Hostname* or
IP Address
RMC75E-MA2-AP2-D8 rmc70.www.pysygt.com
All RMC70s have internal position simulators.
RMC100-M1-A1-ENET rmc100.www.pysygt.com
Axis0 connected to position simulator.
Aux2 connected to pressure simulator.
RMC150E-S2 rmc150.www.pysygt.com
All RMC150s have internal position simulators.
RMC200 rmc200.www.pysygt.com
All RMC200s have internal position simulators.

* The hostname is used like an IP address. In places where you specify an IP address, you can use the easier-to-remember hostname instead.

How to Connect to the Online RMCs

Troubleshooting the Connection

If you cannot connect to an RMC, check your internet access settings, including your firewall settings. Your network administrator can help you with this.

Check the Online RMC Status page to find out if the RMC is actually online.

Note:Delta is not able to assist you with your internet settings.