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Press Release

RMCTools Adds Plot Auto-Save Feature

February 10, 2020 – Battle Ground, WA. – Delta Computer Systems, manufacturer of the RMC family of motion controllers, announces the addition of Auto-Saved Plots to the RMCTools software. This feature automatically saves backup copies of plots for later retrieval if the user forgets to manually save plots to a user-specified file location before closing RMCTools. This frequently-requested feature, available in the recent 4.14.0 release of RMCTools, is designed to reduce or eliminate accidental plot data loss.


RMCTools Plot Manager with the new Auto-Saved Plots feature

The Auto-Saved Plots feature is visible in the Plot Manager on the History tab. Expanding the Auto-Saved Plots item gives access to the feature settings, viewing the plot backup files, and basic information about the number and size of plots currently in storage. More information on this feature is found in the Saving and Exporting Plots RMCTools help topic.


Plot Auto-Save settings details